• Wooden window is not just a structure with four corners. It is a variety of endless shapes, embodiment of ideas of an architect and designer in real images. Wood is a material that allows to be transformed into various shapes and designs. Flora has huge experience in manufacturing unique window shapes. Even if you saw your ideal window in a dream, Flora would be one of few companies which is able to make it real. Profile shapes are endless – they come in straight, bent, concave, multitude geometrical shapes, arcs, petals and so much more… Windows are intended not only for standard functions but also as a decorative element, such as interior, as a special emphasis.

  • Windows follow your orders by closing and opening automatically. Windows that can be controlled remotely, even from 100 km distance. This is a reality, not a dream! Windows can become the first messengers to open your path to smart home. Order windows with automation function so you can use light and fresh air circulation according to your wishes. Use automated window opening and closing systems and you will no longer need to worry about sudden rain showers or mighty wind blast during your absence if your windows were left open. Not only Flora manufactures windows of utmost complexity but also equips them with the latest generation electronically controllable and programmable devices which can be operated remotely or from a connected computer systems and can be managed even far away from home. The latest technologies are almost invisible and are elegantly integrated in the general structure of the window.

    Let your imagination run free in the world of windows and Flora will make those dreams come true!