FLORA Ltd guarantees the quality of its products.

The product warranty is valid, if the products are installed and operated in compliance with manufacturer’s operating instructions.

Warranty for wooden windows and doors

Warranty on
Warranty period
Exterior finish on windows and doors on the south side
Stain + oil discoloration, cracking, desquamation*
5 year
Exterior finish on windows and doors on the north side
Color discoloration, cracking, desquamation*
5 years
Stain + oil discoloration, cracking, desquamation*
5 years
Exterior finish on windows and doors in coastal zone (up to 2km from seaside)
Color discoloration, cracking, desquamation*
2 years
Stain + oil discoloration, cracking, desquamation*
2 year
Interior finish
Color discoloration, cracking, desquamation*
5 years
Stain + oil discoloration, cracking, desquamation*
5 years
Window structure
On gluing and construction geometry
5 years
Exterior door structure
On gluing and construction geometry
5 years (allowed bending up to 2mm on 1m)
Condensation formation on the inside, air penetration through spacer lamination.
5 year manufacturers warranty
Window hardware
Functionality and corrosion
10 year manufacturers warranty
Window handles (Roto)
10 year manufacturers warranty
Exterior door hardware
Functionality (KFV)
5 year manufacturers warranty
Functionality (Simonswerk)
200000 swing cycle manufacturers warranty
Exterior door handles (Hermatt)
2 year distributors warranty
Sealing rubbers, silicone
2 years
Product installation and aperture finish
If installed by SIA Flora
5 years

*The tone of stained oiled wood may get darker during the first year due to the UV beam impact on the wood.

The client must notify FLORA Ltd about the defect found in the form of a written application within 30 calendar days from the date the defect occurred, including as many details as possible about the defect or deficiency found and information on the exact location of the product. Contracting party to the Agreement on Execution of the Order and Installation of the Structure or its authorized person alone shall be entitled to request warranty repair. After receiving a warranty claim, a representative of FLORA Ltd will contact the contact person indicated to agree on elimination of defects.

The application shall indicate:

Order Agreement No., Client’s Name / Surname / contact phone, address of the object where the structures are located, defect description, defect photo (for defects that can be documented in such way). Power of Attorney if a non-contracting party applies for the warranty repair.

Warranty shall not apply to:

  • Visual defects which cannot be seen at a distance of 1.5 m from the structure and which do not affect the functionality of the window.
  • Defects caused by high humidity (above 65%) after installation of structures (e.g., from plaster or laying of concrete floors).
  • If no canopy has been provided/installed above the exterior door, which protects it from direct external factors.
  • Defects caused to the wooden structure, fittings, aluminium profiles, parts due to aggressive environment (the presence of chemicals).
  • Structures if they have not been installed according to installation instructions of FLORA Ltd.
  • Cases where the client does not know the Order Agreement number, or name, surname (for individuals), company name (for legal entities), who signed the Order Agreement.
  • Damage caused by force majeure (e.g., storms, floods, riots, etc.).
  • Wooden windows and windowsills installed in rooms with increased relative humidity – pool rooms, baths, greenhouses, etc.
  • Natural wear and tear of structures (e.g., adjusting the fittings for windows that have been in operation for more than half a year).
  • Emergence of wood resin from the structure.
  • The difference in natural wood tones both in the surface of finger-jointed and fixed material.
  • Damage caused by birds, insects, animals and pets (e.g., dog has gnawed the windowsill or scratched exterior door).
  • Texture and fibre peculiarities of wood, the colour, width, direction thereof.
  • Functional defects caused to the structure as a result of unauthorized repair or modification.
  • Damage caused by construction/repair workers.
  • Damage caused by people deliberately or unknowingly due to negligence, neglect, ignorance or in bad faith (e.g., damaged fittings, because the structure was closed with the use of extra force).

The warranty is invalid if one or any of the above mentioned operating rules are not met and FLORA Ltd does not accept any liability whatsoever.

“FLORA” undertakes in terms mentioned above from the date of sale to fulfill the warranty and repair the defects fully on FLORA Ltd expenses, if all the rules are met.

FLORA Ltd confirms that the products are qualitative and are produced according to the set technology.