Sliding systems


Sliding systems allow creating large glazing areas and large sashes without taking up space in the room. Since most area of the structure is occupied by an energy-efficient insulating glass unit, they also provide good thermal insulation.

For finishing of structural wood elements we apply the environmentally friendly water-based varnishes and paints produced by the Finnish company Teknos. The standard offer includes 54 tones of varnish and covering paints according to RAL or NCS catalogues.

  • Sashes of the wooden sliding structure may be 68 to 98mm thick, insulating glass unit – 24 to 52mm thick.
  • Aluminium covers on wood-aluminium sliding structures protect the wooden structure from atmospheric and sunlight effects, greatly facilitating maintenance of the structure and extending its useful life. Finishing of aluminium covers- anodizing or powder coating according to RAL catalogue. Powder-coated aluminium frames have welded corner joints. Wooden profiles of sashes are 78mm thick, together with aluminium covers – 94mm, the insulating glass unit is 44mm thick. The construction depth of the structure 97mm.

For folding/sliding (FS) structures we use Patio Fold fittings by Roto. The way of opening these structures is available on the video.

This video demonstrates the scheme 431. 12 different variants (schemes) are possible for opening to one side, and an equal number – symmetrically to the other side.

The limits for folding/sliding sash height are 640÷2430mm, the limits for width 490÷930mm

Width of a single sash is 490÷1230mm (schemes 321, 431, 541, 651 761 and 871), the maximum weight of each sash 80kg. The maximum overall width of the structure 6m.

Special hinges and pads for rails and guides available in the following colors:

  • white R07.2
  • medium bronze R05.3
  • silver R01.