Fully glazed interior doors are instantly noticed by their special appearance and design created by glass.

Fully-glazed interior door is an excellent solution for modern apartments and homes with large open spaces. Fully-glazed interior doors separate rooms leaving them spacious.

There are several options that can be applied for the finishing of fully-glazed doors – clear, translucent or tinted glass, matted glass or screen printed ornaments. Clear glass, which is one of the most transparent glasses and has no other colour additions, has gained popularity recently. Unlike the simple glass with a greenish tint, the clear glass due to the very low iron oxide content is maximally translucent without any addition of a different tone.

Fully-glazed structures are usually made of 8 -12 mm impact-resistant tempered glass. Depending on the size and application of the structure, appropriate fittings for fully-glazed interior doors are offered.

Fully-glazed interior doors can be produced with or without a frame. The frame is usually used when sound insulation is required.

Fully-glazed interior doors:

  • suitable for all indoor use – living rooms, saunas, offices, public buildings
  • separate rooms leaving them spacious
  • using tempered glass of various thickness with grinded edges
  • choice of glass – translucent, tinted, matted or screen printed ornaments